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The Indio Casino lobby contains the list of game categories and subcategories from which you can choose the games to enjoy. It also contains many other helpful features, which allow you to configure the Casino client or perform various other functions.
In addition to this help page, you can get help about many icons, buttons and texts in the Indio Casino lobby by holding your mouse cursor over them for a few seconds. A tooltip with additional information will appear.
Clicking the Games button toggles the display of the categories list on and off. Choose a games category from the categories list to display the list of games in this category in the games list area. If the games category contains subcategories, the categories list is replaced with the subcategories list. You can then select a subcategory to narrow down the list of games. If there are more categories or subcategories than the screen can display, you can use the arrows above and below the list to browse through them.
You can sort the games list by choosing a criterion from the Sort dropdown list. The available sorting filters depend on the game category or subcategory type and games list view mode. You can switch between ascending and descending sorting order by choosing the same sorting option again.

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